Ricky Swallow | Resonator (for I.W.), 2017

ricky 1
Ricky Swallow
Resonator (for I.W), 2017
Cast resi, screws, mp3 player
11.25” x 7” x 5”
Edition of 9, + 2 AP’s

Every record could be thought of as a kind of tomb to seal in and secure a particular moment rendered and recorded against the forward ticking momentum of the artist.

This object is perhaps some kind of secondary mechanism to hold, re-ritualize and celebrate the arrival of Wasif’s DZI LP.

The guitar form, and specifically its body is an object I’ve remade episodically over the past 5 years, never straying too far from it’s traditional (stubborn) shape. Oriented vertically, like instruments in wait, the potential for sound is always there.

To extend this invitation, 9 artists from Wasif’s Los Angeles circle have been given a blank casting of the Resonator to paint, mess with or otherwise embellish at their will.

Painted by:

Brian Calvin
Sam Falls
Max Maslansky
Dianna Molzan
Alex Olson
Silke Otto-Knapp
Ricky Swallow
Lesley Vance
Joe Zorilla

Opening Sunday, September 17, 2017
1 – 3 PM

A special edition artwork for the release of the new album Dzi by Imaad Wasif.
Presented by A Grey Market.

South Willard

September 12th, 2017