The Ten best product designs by Margaret Howell

Abacus tubular steel lighting
David Mellor, 1955

The Observer, Sunday 11 September 2011

The 10 best product designs – in pictures
Fashion designer Margaret Howell’s choice of timeless classics that marry function and aesthetic

As well as street furniture, David Mellor designed tableware – I have two sets of his children’s cutlery used by my own, and in reserve for theirs: it’s hard to discard good design. Here I’ve chosen his Abacus street lighting. Like the motorway signs (see 10), his designs work without drawing attention to themselves, as the best design should. These minimal columns of tubular steel, unobtrusive by day, invisible by night, were radically different from the heavy cast concrete lamp posts they replaced in the mid 1950s. Today they remain a treat for the eye in our cluttered urban surroundings

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Thanks to Matt Connors

September 11th, 2011