Shop Exhibit


Lotto, 2020
Oil on linen
20 X 15 inches


Bingo, 2020
Oil on linen mounted on panel
10 X 10 inches

1 (4)

Stables, 2020
Oil on linen
24 X 18 inches


1 (3)
Drink, 2020
Oil on board mounted to linen
12 X 12 inches


Student, 2019
Oil on linen
17 X 15 inches


Golden Gate Park, 2019
Oil on board mounted to linen
12 X 12 inches




Letters, 2020
Oil on linen
9 X 11 inches


Arms, 2020
Oil on linen
17 X 20 inches


Tapestry, 2020
Oil on linen
20 X 12 inches

September 1 through October 15, 2020

Questions from Daisy Sheff
August 2020

In our Graphite Journal chat, you said you were interested in “families.” Does having a daughter change your practice/subject matter? Is that sweet Norma in Drink?

Yes, that’s Norma in Drink. She was holding a cup whilst watching a tv show and she let it balance on her nose. This gave me enough time to draw her. I never set out to make a drawing. I draw when there’s time to draw, when everyone is preoccupied, when I’m not needed for anything. The drawings I get most attached to and take to the studio seem to happen when I feel fortunate and quite literally happy.

Although the faces aren’t defined, I have the feeling that these are of specific individuals/actual events— is this true?

The paintings are very accurate to me in their description. I think the definition of a person comes from their whole body, not their face. I think likeness begins with posture, which is formed out of personal gestures––how a person sits on a chair, the shape of their elbow or shoulder in repose.

They have such specificity while relying on color blocks- could be called “abstraction.”

Yes, the paintings have ended up here. I am sensitive to what can’t happen in terms of illusion and these color blocks are what get left. There are a lot of changes that take place in these paintings. A sort of timeline is evident in their textures, edges, and underpainting. The process is technically illogical in terms of the craft of painting. They are quite clumsy.

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