Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell was born in 1946 in Surrey, England. She remembers making her own clothes as a child, and it was a logical step to take to her passion for drawing and painting to art school. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmith College, London in 1969.

Howell began her career by making accessories and selling them to London shops. When by chance she found a beautifully made vintage shirt, Howell was inspired to produce her own, which she sold to the influential retailer Joseph Ettedgui. Each shirt was made from start to finish by a small team of skilled machinists who worked from Howell’s design studio and workroom in Blackheath, South East London. Encouraged by Ettedgui and the loyal following she began to cultivate, Howell opened her first menswear shop in 1977 on South Molton Street, in partnership with Joseph. “It was like an institution – a lot of other designers and architects came to buy the clothes, people who appreciate quality